About Our Sustainable Seafood

Connecting Indigenous-Owned Sources to Your Plate

Knowing where your seafood comes from makes it taste that much better—the source makes all the difference! Authentic Indigenous Seafood collaborates with Indigenous-owned fisheries to bring you sustainably-sourced seafood. 

At our core, our mission is to meaningfully connect consumers to the sources of their seafood. But the ripple effect is so much bigger than that. Our approach fosters increased appreciation for seafood ecosystems, responsible trade ethics, as well as the ecological and cultural security that these fisheries represent.

Our Roots Run Deep: Discover the Story Behind Our Seafood

Providing our great food to you wouldn’t be possible without the partnerships we have with Indigenous-owned fisheries. These fisheries are experts in sustainable practices, sourcing their seafood using these types of practices for thousands of years.

Authentic Indigenous Seafood works alongside these small to medium-size community-based fisheries, connecting them to the people like you who see the value in sustainable, Canadian-sourced seafood. 

What We Stand For

We have the utmost respect and recognition for the diverse cultures, heritage, and traditional values and practices of Indigenous communities across the world. Supporting the rights and well-being of Indigenous Peoples, custodians of a rich and diverse cultural heritage, is our deep commitment. Preserving this heritage is critical to maintaining their cultural knowledge and identity that comes from their connection to the land.

Honouring A Collective Journey with Indigenous Communities

Our logo is so much more than a visual for our brand—it’s a tribute to the original means of communication used by Indigenous Peoples, and it draws inspiration from the dot-art patterns that played a crucial role in the development of written language and communication through artistic expression. 

The cobbled path in the logo is a metaphor for the diversity of these communities and their unique histories, while the use of multiple colors reflects the beauty of nature in land, water, and the many living beings that inhabit it. The passageway terminating in a circle represents our collective journey towards sustainability and the circle of life.

Elevate Your Expectations and Choose Traceable Seafood

We share common ground with our partnered fisheries, especially when it comes to our shared values. Here are some of the qualities we’re proud to share with our partners:

  • Respect for responsible trade ethics. Ecological sustainability, food security, cultural security, and conflict-free trade practices are our top priorities.
  • Broad support of the local Indigenous communities and their fishers on environmental, ecological, and ethical levels.
  • Appreciation for conservation, community relationships, and accurate brand story-telling.
  • Emphasis for supporting sustainable practices throughout the value chain so you can enjoy a transparent food experience from source to plate.

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

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