Sustainable Seafood Market Cooperative

Welcome to our Sustainable Seafood Market Cooperative – a contemporary online auction-house for both producers and buyers of premium seafood, connecting the highest quality Pacific seafoods from British Columbia with discerning markets around the world.

Our innovative online bidding platforms for both raw seafood products (Commodity Market Platform) and value-added seafood products (Value Added Market Platform), are open to licensed fishing enterprises and buyers who demand transparency in transactions, as well as consistency, fairness and traceability in the value chain.

Our vision is to improve market access and value to our customers, by reducing handling and re-brokering, in our commitment to responsible trade in the seafood industry. We provide the most direct logistics between fishery and markets to reduce handling and costs. Our quality standards are coupled with a trail of documentation to support our traceability guarantee for our customer’s authentication and branding needs.

Our responsible trade model also opens up market access to small and medium sized fisheries without the cost and labour buyers would normally expend to get them, while our open-bidding platforms ensures fair market price to the participating fisheries, reducing competition and conflict between buyers and local stakeholders living within fishing communities.

Commodity Product Sales

We provide cash flow and logistics between landing sites and processors for small and medium commercial fishing enterprises in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks to our network of Federally-certified processors we can bring you high quality raw seafood products ready for you to value-add, package and sell.

Our primary-processed products (i.e. headed and gutted fin fish) are shipped fresh, and packed fresh or flash frozen in 1,000 lb fiber totes. All of our products are branded to the fishery of origin, guaranteed traceable, and Ocean Wise Certified.

How the Bidding System Works

1. Registration

Buyers that have not registered yet to receive our offerings can do so on our website, if you are registered wait for the next email offering. Make sure we are listed as a trusted email source so it won’t go to your spam box.

A detailed registration form will be available if you bid on one of our offerings.

2. Product Offering

Buyers are notified when a product is up for bid from 1 day in advance or for the following week of the offering – a link to a bidding form is provided with each announcement.

3. Submit Bid

The deadline for submission of bids is described in the offering, which can happen 1 day to a week from the offering, it also can occur before the fishery starts or on specific days depending on the format of the offering (ex. fresh H&G fish).

4. Bidding Results

The successful bidder will be notified on the same day or by noon on the next day of the closing due date in order to sign a contract and make arrangements for wire-transfer payment and pick-up at a Federally-registered fish plant the following week.

Sustainable Seafood Market Cooperative

Please make sure you are registered to receive our offerings as a buyer.

Fishing Enterprises can register with the Cooperative bidding service by filling out our registration form. Our operations department will follow up with you to discuss fishery particulars, price engineering, and to work out logistics arrangements for successful buyers.

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