Chef Ned Bell shows how to cook Wild Keta Salmon

Made with Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon that has been selectively harvested and sustainably managed by BC’s First Nations.


2 slices of Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon fillets
vegetable oil
Lemon or lime juice
1 Tablespoon of butter


In a saucepan add a drizzle of vegetable oil put heat to medium to maximum,
when the pan is very hot put 2 pieces of Wild Keta Salmon fillets seasoned with salt,
grill for approximately 3.5 min each side, when the salmon is almost done
squeeze 1/4 lemon juice on top of the pieces
(or 2 Tablespoons of pre-squeezed lemon/lime).

Super tasty!

Chef Ned Bell is the Ocean Wise executive chef for the Vancouver Aquarium. His focus for the past 10 years is and has been healthy lakes, oceans and rivers. So, any time he gets a chance to celebrate, cook from, fish in or just generally advocate for the delicious and sustainable seafood that comes from there, that’s his passion and his inspiration.

He has launched a new cookbook LURE, which allow readers embark on a wild Pacific adventure and discover the benefits of healthy oils and rich nutrients that seafood delivers. It features simple techniques and straightforward sustainability guidelines around Pacific species as well as 80 delicious recipes to make at home.

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For thousands of years British Columbia’s First Nations have managed this sacred resource. Now, for the first time, premium, wild BC River Salmon is available directly from these communities through the River Select Fisheries Co-operative & Organic Ocean Seafood in Vancouver BC.