Renewed hope for local fish stocks and Indigenous fishing communities

Global competition for limited seafood resources has marginalized many local and Indigenous fishing communities around the world, threatening the survival of marine biological diversity as well as the food and livelihoods of those who steward them.

Locally branded seafood products

Local branding and value-adding are the doorways into the value chain for these local fisheries, and it meaningfully connects consumers to the sources of their seafood. This fosters an enhanced understanding of seafood ecosystems, responsible trade ethics, as well as the food, economic, and cultural security that these fisheries represent.

Authentic Indigenous Seafood

Authentic Indigenous Seafood is a national supply chain collaboration among Indigenous fisheries that will help improve the viability of many small to medium scale community fisheries by connecting them to the value chain. Supporting these fisheries will improve fisheries sustainability and will foster regional economic, employment, and food security.

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