Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon Kebab

Made with Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon that has been selectively harvested and sustainably managed by BC’s First Nations.


1 whole side of Wild Keta Salmon fillet (skin-on)

Salt and spices for seasoning


1 Long English cucumber thinly sliced

1 head of American lettuce

1 box of cherry tomatoes

2 green onions thinly sliced

Potato salad (optional)


2 tablespoons lime juice

Dash salt


Pre-heat the oven or BBQ to 375F while you prepare the whole side of wild keta salmon in a tray or wood plank, season with salt and spices.

Arrange the metal skewers side by side along the keta fillet (if using wood skewers make sure to soak them with water so it won’t burn).

Slice between the skewers until it reaches the skin.

Place the whole side keta fillet in a wood plank (soaked) or baking tray (with a little bit of oil at the bottom not to stick)

Bake in the oven or BBQ in 375 to 400 F for about 25 min.

Serve with green salad.

In a large Salad bowl add lettuce, sliced cucumber, tomato and green onions. Drizzle with lime juice and olive oil, pinch of salt.

Serves 4 handsomely.

Bon Appétit!

For thousands of years British Columbia’s First Nations have managed this sacred resource. Now, for the first time, premium, wild BC River Salmon is available directly from these communities through the River Select Fisheries Co-operative & Organic Ocean Seafood in Vancouver BC.