Chef Jonathon Gee Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon Fish and Chips

Made with Harrison Select Wild Keta Salmon that has been selectively harvested and sustainably managed by BC’s First Nations.


1 lb Harrison river wild Keta salmon

For Batter
1 cup all purpose Flour
1-1/4 cup  beer
3 Tbls Baking powder
2 Tbls Vinegar
pinch salt

For flour dredge
1/2 cup Flour
pinch Salt and pepper


Prepare dredge by mixing salt, pepper and flour, set aside.

Prepare batter
Mix Flour, Baking powder, and salt,
Add Beer and mix thoroughly after mixed, then add Vinegar and mix again.  Batter will foam up and become light and fluffy.

Take a 2-3 oz strip cut of Keta salmon and coat with dredge flour. Shake off any extra or loose flour. Then place in batter making sure to coat all sides.

Carefully lower battered fish into 350* F Oil letting hang until bottom begins to float then release, letting the fish float.

(This is so it does not become stuck on the bottom of your basket or fryer.) Be sure to turn two minutes in (or hold under if room permits in deep fryer).

After four minutes batter should begin to look crisp and turn to a golden brown.
remove from fryer and place on drain rack (or paper towel) for one to two minutes before serving.

Super tasty!

This recipe was created by Chef Jonathon Gee, he was born and raised in the small farming community of Rosedale, BC close to the Fraser River, where he started cooking with his grandmother at the age of eight. After working around the Fraser Valley for a decade, in positions with resorts such as the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa, and having had the pleasure of working under, and among, many talented chefs, Jonathon became the Executive Chef at the award-winning Sandpiper Resort in Harrison Mills, BC. He is passionate about preparing fresh and locally-sourced, sustainable, and responsibly harvested ingredients for his family, friends and guests. Jonathon is currently working towards being a Certified Chef De Cuisine, and is a part of the BC Chefs association and the Canadian Culinary Federation.

For thousands of years British Columbia’s First Nations have managed this sacred resource. Now, for the first time, premium, wild BC River Salmon is available directly from these communities through the River Select Fisheries Co-operative & Organic Ocean Seafood in Vancouver BC.