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Traceable Seafood from Indigenous-Owned Fisheries

As a conscious consumer, your experience with food expands beyond enjoying it on your plate. The flavour of your food matters—but so does how it’s been sourced, and where it’s been sourced from. 

Sustainable, high-quality seafood not only tastes superior, but it also preserves the marine ecosystems that will feed our communities for generations to come.

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Whether we acknowledge it or not, we’re deeply connected to the sources of our food.

That’s why we’re proud to bring you seafood that has been ethically sourced from Indigenous-Owned Fisheries—because we know it matters to you. 

Authentic Indigenous Seafood is proud to be conservation-forward. Our seafood is sourced from artisanal fisheries who, like you, focus on traceability, transparency, and conservation. We’re proud to show you where our sustainable seafood is sourced from.

Fostering Successful Fisheries and Food Security for All

Our products don’t just delight the palate—they also support local fishing communities and businesses that promote sustainable practices. Supporting Indigenous fisheries and watching them thrive elevates regional economic, cultural, and food security.

When our Indigenous-owned fisheries thrive, you get the seafood you deserve. Supporting our collaborative partners and fisheries is the obvious first choice because it means we all win.

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Quality Seafood from Ethical and Sustainable Sources

Canada’s vast rivers, lakes, and oceans naturally offer some of the most high-quality seafood in the world. If you haven’t made a point of enjoying ethical Canadian seafood yet, we encourage you to tap into it by trying out our delicious products. 

Whether you’re looking for smoked salmon, candied salmon, canned salmon, or retort salmon, the perfect addition to your plate awaits you.

Elevate Your Seafood Experience—Feel Connected to Your Food

Love supporting Canadian fishing communities? Us too. We collaborate with Indigenous-owned businesses, working together to share their resources in local areas and beyond. 

By working with these communities, we’re able to bring you great tasting seafood you’ll be excited to ask questions about. It also allows us to optimize the viability of these fisheries and partner in promoting their continued success.

Find Fresh Info on Our Quality Seafood

Looking to take a deep dive on all things great seafood? You can find lots of information—including incredible recipes—on our blog. Head on over to our Education page and check out our latest posts.

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